ALE14 videos

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We’ve started publishing videos from the conference. Soon, you’ll be able to find all talks on our Youtube video channel.

So far we’ve uploaded:

You can also watch our movies about the conference

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did. Huge Kudos for Paul James Pearson from for recording and editing videos.


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Thank you for being part of #ALE14

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Dear ALE 2014 Participants,

It was a great pleasure to meet you in Krakow. For us, those few days of fun and exchanging knowledge were an unforgettable experience.

A few days after the conference we began working on post-conference materials and we need your help!

If you have some notes, slides, photos, or if you wrote a blogspot about ALE, please add them to the Google Document, so we can publish it on the webpage of the event. Soon we will start publishing videos from the recorded talks, so stay in touch with our Facebook fanpage and with Twitter.

We would like to ask you for feedback about the event so that we can make this un-conference even more ALEsome next year. Please let us know what you think on the Google Form.

Last, but not least, we have already started preparation of #ALE15, and we are looking for your ideas and help. You can review others’ proposals and submit yours at

Once again, thanks for joining us in Krakow, and hope to see you next year at #ALE15
Tomek, Wiktor, Oana, Justyna, Mike, Kuba, Bogdan, Mariusz, Adi, Ania, Kasia, Magda, Edyta, Paul, Monika, Jakub, and 200 other participants.
#ALE14 organizers

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Let’s get started!

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The first day of ALE14 begun! Few tips:

  1. Program is full of interesting talks – check out conference app and mark the favourite ones! App for iPhone and app for Android.
  2. If you’re a fun of traditional stuff – then take a look to conference material, there is a leaflet with all necessary info :)
  3. Remember about networking :) Talk with people! Your experience is valuable – share it!
  4. If you like cool gadgets (like laptop stickers) – check sponsors stands
  5. If you are with family – check kids & spouse program
  6. Each evening there is opportunity to meet new people and have a great fun, so check evening program
  7. Follow @AgileLeanEu on Twitter & FB – we’ll publish a lot of useful info there :)

Last but not the least one – registration desk is in the hotel’s ground floor. You can’t miss it ;) See you there at 8:30 AM!

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Dinner with Strangers

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We’ll start dinner with Strangers at 7:30 PM!
Here is explanation what dinner with stranger is:
Check out the restaurants >>here<<.



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Welcoming Kids & Spouses

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There are less than 10 hours left to ALE14 opening!

No matter if you’re coming with your family or not, check our Kids & Spouse program. You’ll find plenty of workshops and sightseeing suggestions.

See you tomorrow.

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ALE14 Survival Guide for Drivers

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Some hints for those who decided to come to #ALE14 by car.

Speed limits are:

  • Highways (A1, A2, A4): 140 km/h
  • Expressways (S7…) with dual carrageways: 120 km/h
  • Expressways with single carriageways and normal roads with dual carriageways: 100 km/h
  • Single carriageways: 90 km/h
  • Towns during night (11pm-5am): 60 km/h
  • Towns during day (5am-11pm): 50 km/h

Pretty complicated, isn’t it.

Additionally most drivers consider these limits as suggestions only.

Note: that you must have your lights on all the time

Other rules are quite similar to those in others countries. Always have your driving license and insurance with you . There must be fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning triangle and a safety vest in your car. Fasten your seatbelt and don’t use you phone (except for hands free). Kids up to 150 cm / 12 years must not travel without child seat. Maximum permitted level of alcohol is 0,2%.

If someone coming from opposite way flashes its lights twice, don’t be angry at him. It either means there’s Police enforcing speed limits in front of you, or you’ve forgotten to turn on your lights (see note above).

Toll gates are located at some sections of Highways including A4 Wroclaw-Gliwice (16,80 PLN), and Katowice-Krakow (18 PLN). Payment in PLN, EUR and with credit cards are accepted. All expressways, A1 from Czech border, and A4 from east, are free of charge.

In Krakow, there are three limited access / limited parking zones:

  • You cannot drive into zone A or B (most streets around Main Square)
  • You must pay in advance (around 3 PLN per hour) for parking in zone C from 10am till 8pm

Participants of #ALE14 have reduced price for parking in Park Inn hotel (our venue) to 2,5 PLN per hour and 25 PLN per day. Ask on receptions for details.

Lot of streets in Krakow center are one way only. Getting out of some districts (e.g. Kazimierz) can be a nightmare. If you’re staying in our venue, then certainly, you should use public transport instead.

Hope that helps.

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ALE14 – Evening Program

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The countdown is on. One of the most amazing Agile & Lean events around Europe and probably even globally will kick off in a few days. We have an awesome program ahead. And don’t worry about lonely evenings. There iare also great opportunities for networking, having fun, just hanging out with friends or making new ones. Check out ongoing news about our evening program.

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